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How much is the entry fee?
Great question. In the 2017 Brevet Beaver Creek (BBC) is absolutely FREE. You can participate for free, demo a bike from SRAM's Open the Road program for free and check out a Qollector unit for free.

What about the t-shirts you're giving away that prove you completed one of the 10 much are those?
Present the event team with proof that you've completed one (or more!) of BBC's route on June 17 or 18 and the tee(s) are yours!

Is there a published start time each day?
Nope. Brevet Beaver Creek is intended to be a stress-free experience shared among friends old and new. You can depart at any point and take your time enjoying the ride or rides that you opt to navigate. Want to ride at race pace? Great - have a blast. Want to roll along, chat with your friends and maybe grab a nice croissant along the way? Perfect. BBC is what you make of it. We provide suggested routes and a bit of refreshment along the way.

Is there a field limit?
The field will be limited to 75 entries per day. Preregistration is strongly encouraged. 

Are the routes ALL gravel rides?
No - not at all. We'll publish routes on Monday, June 12. Riders can expect a mix of rides with multiple distances, difficulties and terrain options available. Select one that best suits your appetite for adventure and have fun!

Do I need to be registered to participate?
Yes. Commemorative merchandise will be distributed to registered participants only.

How can I register?

What type of bike do I need?
If you have a road bike you'll find something to like among our routes. If you have a gravel, adventure or endurance bike we'll have something for you also. If you have neither, consider demoing a bike from SRAM's Open the Road program (it's free and the bikes are AMAZING!)

Do I need to  register separately for a demo bike from SRAM?
Yes = you can find all registration links on our Registration page.

How long are the aid stations open each day?

Where are the aid stations located?
They'll be scattered around the county, Stay tuned for Monday's route unveiling for more information.

How long will event HQ remain open at The Westin?
from 8am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday June 17-18.

Are there other opportunities to socialize with fellow riders?
Yes! We'll offer a cocktail party at Maya on Friday, June 16 from 6-8pm, then offer happy hour specials each afternoon from 4-6pm.

Have more questions? Just drop us a note!