You REALLY want that t-shirt, huh? Well, we're not quite on the honor system, but we've tried to come up with a variety of options to help you document your ride so that you can leave the venue with one of those proud tri-blend beauties.

Show us a date-stamped Garmin Connect, Strava or Map My Ride file to certify that you've logged the miles on Saturday or Sunday. Better still? Check out the newly launched Blackriver app. It'll allow you to join the challenge of your choice (we have all of the Brevets Beaver Creek loaded up and ready to go). Notch 90% of the datapoints and Blackriver declares you a winner in real time. As the authors of the challenges, we also receive a notification immediately.

Below you'll find information on the Blackriver phone app that will help you document your rides this weekend. From Blackriver you can also download the routes as GPX tracks for use in a different program. 

Blackriver Instructions

Personal Account:

Setup an individual account as a regular user on the Blackriver website. You can “edit” and add additional info as you want. Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Garmin Connect:

If you’re a Garmin user, go to your Blackriver profile page on the Blackriver website and select “Garmin Connect” it’s the easiest way to track rides if you’re already using a standard Garmin unit. Each time you finish a route and upload it from your Garmin to Garmin Connect, it immediately also loads to Blackriver. You can easily log the Brevet Beaver Creek challenges that way, along with a wide variety of other stuff.

The App

If you prefer to forgo Garmin integration you can also download the blackriver app for iPhone or Android. 

Login with your rider account (you’ll have to sign up for one - it’s free) and go to the Explore menu (Challenges) and join your challenge. Ours are listed as "Brevet Beaver Creek". Then, record the route with the Blackriver app or Garmin Connect, finish it and upload it. You’ll get the confirmation email. So will we. Then that shirt's yours, baby. All yours.

Still in the Strava, Garmin Connect, Map My Ride camp? No sweat. No reasonable, ethical and honestly presented body of evidence will be denied.